Product Launch

The Mains board usually trips when a light bulb blows or if a fault is detected. This will nearly always happen at nightime and leave the house in darkness making it very difficult to locate the mains and reset the trip switch.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Breaka-light which solves this problem, as featured below.

The Breaka-Light : Helps you find the power, fast!

The new LaddaLevel, a patented system for keeping ladders safe

The Problem…

The mains board is often located in a dark location, you only really need to access it when the power trips or fails for some reason and this is often in darkness. If you are organised then you sometimes have access to a flashlight, but life is not perfect!

The Ideal SAFE Situation

Some kind of lightsource near to the mains board would be a great solution, as it is visible and illuminates the trip switches so that you can tell what has occured and how to fix it. This also means that you can locate it if you are unfamiliar with its location.


The Breaka-Light is designed to be built in to new mains boards or retro fitted on to existing models, the Breaka-Light either fits in to a spare slot or attaches to the top of the casing.

  • LadderBox for Steps and Ladders

    • Essential tool box and paint system for both trade and DIY.
    • Fits all major steps and ladders.
    • Lidded Paint Rollers can be stored for future use.
Ladderbox Exploded View


Only £14.95 +.p&p
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