Eezie-Load pet transporter…

Eezie-Load pet transporter

The Problem…

When taking a beloved family pet for a veterinary check-up it is often difficult and traumatic to get them inside their travel box.

Another problem is when a trained animal handler is faced with a difficult or dangerous animal that needs to be contained with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of safety.

The Ideal SAFE Situation

Placing the animal inside the box with a minimal amount of stress and in a fast manner. A one way door that the animal does not push against to break free and uses gravity as opposed to an unnatural pushing motion to naturally lower the animal into the box as if putting it into a basket.

Our Solution…Eezie-Load

Hinge mounted one way doors that split in the middle and have soft brush edges. These open when the animal is lowered past them and shut when the handlers hands are withdrawn. The animal is now safely contained and ready for transport.

NOTE: Animal handlers can also use leash sticks to achieve the same effect.

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