The Amazing LadderBox

The Ladderbox has already started winning awards at exhibition shows for the innovative and simple way it deals with working on a ladder. The Ladderbox is a patented system that uses the ladder and creates a mobile workstation from which to carry out work from.

Patented Safety & Painting Productivity

The Ladderbox system uses a paint tray and removable paint containter that can be swapped with ease. This helps minimise the balancing act that can sometimes take place and also allows three points of contact on the ladder.

Three Points of Contact

Your non-painting or working hand is now left free to grip the ladder as opposed to balancing or holding a paint tray or other apparatus. The Ladderbox also has containers that hold various tools and equipment.

News: Ladderbox wins an award!

Our recent showing and unveiling of the Ladderbox at the Birmingham NEC tool show was a great success. The Ladderbox went on to win an award in the “best new products” section. Full story can be found here.

What is it?

Simply use the ladderbox as a SECURE, SAFE and easily reachable tool carrier and paint platform whilst working on steps and ladders.

The unique design of the ladderbox allows it to sit comfortably and securely on ladder rungs and steps, creating a great holder for the tools for the job.

No more fumbling for tool belts up a ladder!

For both the DIY and Trade markets. This innovation has been followed by the national media. So stay tuned and watch the big DIY stores near you!

If you would like to distribute the Ladderbox then please contact:

Rob Hill: Project Manager

tel: 01202 248 950

mob: 07982 630 177


  • LadderBox for Steps and Ladders

    • Essential tool box and paint system for both trade and DIY.
    • Fits all major steps and ladders.
    • Lidded Paint Rollers can be stored for future use.
Ladderbox Exploded View


Only £14.95 +.p&p
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